Professional Make Up Course

Individual Makeup Course

This course is suitable for anyone who passionate to learn dressing up and self-image design. Our experienced tutor will provide professional skills and with systematic guidance based on your appearance. Through tutor’s in-depth and simplified technique, you will be able to learn several skills such as color matching, dressing for different occasions and etc. It is to bring out your inner beauty and confident; also, to allow you to define your own self-confidence. For enhance your temperament, and packaging your own 100% images affirmation.

Course Outline

  • Analyzing Face Contour & Features
  • Personal Skin Analysis & Sequences
  • Makeup Preparation & Sequences
  • Makeup Tools Basic Knowledge
  • Basic Cosmetic Knowledge
  • Eyebrow Correction
  • Eye Makeup Magic
  • Wearing Eyelashes Techniques
  • Face Contour Correction Skills
  • Personal Dinner Makeup
  • Korea Style Personal Day Makeup
  • OL Style Personal Day Makeup

Professional Bridal Makeup and Hair Design Course

This course is designed to cultivate advance bridal makeup stylist. Especially suitable for students who have zero knowledge about bridal makeup but still attempted to learn or switch as a career. This course will teach from sketch to mastering various bridal stylings, such as face positioning, jewelry matching, hair style, and etc. This course is the most comprehensive course in the market; it can help you build a better foundation for your future career.

Course Outline

  • Theory Of Professional Bridal Makeup
  • Secret Enhance Beauty & Communication Skill
  • Pre-marital Skin Nursing
  • Color Theory
  • Color Principle
  • Principle Of Lighting
  • Knowledge Of Eye Shadow & Eyeliner Matching
  • Knowledge Of Eyebrow Shape
  • Makeup Preparation & sequences
  • Makeup Brush Knowledge
  • Knowledge Of Cosmetic Tools
  • Personal Dinner Makeup & Image
  • Professional Bridegroom Makeup & Image Projection
  • Professional Bridal Makeup & Image Projection
  • Professional Bridal Dinner Makeup & Image Projection
  • Western Style Bridal Makeup & Image
  • Nostalgia Classical Makeup & Image
  • Classic Bridal Makeup & Image
  • Japan & Korean Bridal Makeup & Image
  • Bridal Makeup & Image
  • Airbrush Makeup
  • Makeup Extension Of Cosmetic Skill
  • Basic Hairstyle Knowledge & Skills
  • Knowledge Of Hair Accessories
  • Bridal Head Ornaments & Trend
  • French Bridal Hairstyle
  • Nostalgia Bridal Hairstyle
  • Classic Bridal Hairstyle
  • Western Bridal Hairstyle
  • Bridesmaid & Sister Makeup
  • Enhance Paternal Grandmother & Mother

Professional Image Makeup Course

In this course, we develop trainees into professional makeup stylists. All our tutors are well experienced; while teaching, they will bring out student’s unique talents. Based on our systematic teaching process, students can master the professional and comprehensive makeup knowledge, and inspire them to have creative thinking and sense of aesthetics, as well as fashion. After this course, they have the ability to independently complete the makeup, and reach the standard of international makeup stylists.

Course Outline

  • Analyzing Face Contour & Features
  • Personal Skin Analysis & Skin Care
  • Makeup Preparation & Sequences
  • Makeup Tools Basic Knowledge
  • Basic Cosmetic Knowledge
  • Color Theory
  • Principle Of Colors
  • Application Knowledge: Concealer
  • Application Knowledge: Foundation
  • Application Knowledge: Face Powder
  • Application Knowledge: Contour Shading & Highlighting
  • Eyebrow Correction Skills
  • Inner & Outer Eyeliner Skills
  • Eye Makeup Magic
  • Lip Shape & Correction
  • Matching Of Blusher
  • Wearing Eyelashes Techniques
  • Japan & Korean Make-up Trend
  • Magazine Makeup
  • Creative Bride Makeup
  • 4D Makeup
  • Smoky Eye Makeup
  • Nude Makeup
  • Dinner Makeup
  • Film Makeup
  • Photography Makeup
  • Creative Makeup / Special Makeup
  • Stage Makeup
  • Man's Makeup
  • Professional Bridegroom Makeup & Image Projection
  • Professional Bridal Makeup & Image Projection
  • Bridesmaid Makeup

International Professional Makeup Course

From the beginning of combing, the processing of partitions, plates, stacks, wraps, twists, hampers, and it will allow you to fully understand and master the techniques of various hair styles, thus creating ever-changing hairstyles at work. Eyes is the most important parts in makeup especially when applying make-up, as eye makeup will creates a sense of difference before and after. This course will enhance your eye makeup techniques, professional knowledge, and creative eye makeup. For instance, some people have problems of different sizes of both eyes. Through the invisible eye makeup techniques created by BSA's experienced instructors, students can easily and quickly resolve the problem.

This course focuses on hairstyles and styling techniques. Well understanding of the overall styling includes:

  • Connection between face structure and hairstyle
  • Accessories and hairstyles
  • Connection between dressing and hairstyle
  • Connection between characteristics and hairstyles
  • Connection between the occasion and hairstyle
  • Connection between personality and hairstyle

Definitely will receive:

  • Certificate of completion
  • Business Support
  • Selling work
  • Honorable improvement
  • International stage