Luscious Woman Course

Our greatest mission is to make all women in Malaysia to achieve the best possible health and become the happiest women. Exclusively brought into Malaysia, our six unique, advanced and high-end vaginal care techniques allow you to easily grasp the wonders of female reproductive and sexual health. We apply the most natural and painless techniques that help with the prevention of women’s cervix disorders and the maintenance of the female’s most intimate part, allowing all women to exhibit their extraordinary femininity – inside and out.

Women’s Intimate Care Course

“A woman is like a flower, and a female genital is like a root; the strength of a root portrays the beauty of a flower.”

BSA women's anti-aging vaginal care is to fundamentally restore and enhance the female youthful vitality. From the aspects of health and sex, this technique provides all-round care to shape a healthy and perfect woman – allowing the pleasure of satisfaction to manifest itself, experiencing real fun and joy, and embracing a better self and a more wonderful life. 。

BSA women's anti-aging vaginal care effectively prevents and regulates women's early stage of sub-health conditions. It also deals with women's physical health issues, maintaining the reproductive system in its healthy state and making every aspect of life working in harmony.

Cleansing and Preventing Recuperation: regulating the sub-health of reproductive system, getting rid of vaginal dampness, itchiness, pain, and dryness
Vaginal Beauty Shaping: stimulating the pelvic floor muscles, shrinking the size of the labia
Vulvar Rejuvenation: a fuller, firmer and tenderer vulva , Labia and hip joint closing, tail bone correction
Anti-aging Vaginal Care: hormones regulation, hysteroptosis, urinary incontinence, pubic closure, vaginal tightening stimulation, veins purification, low libido improvement, inflammation conditioning, menstrual management

  • Every 3 minutes: one woman develops breast cancer
  • Every 5 minutes: one woman develops cervical cancer
  • Every 6 minutes: one woman dies of breast cancer
  • Every 9 minutes: one woman dies of cervical cancer
  • 90% of women do not know the functions of the ovaries, and the reproductive tract infections rate of married women has reached 96%.