Beauty Course Q&A

1Q: Is the certificate recognized?
A: For beauty courses, we offer the Malaysian Skills Certificate SKM Diploma, CIDESCO Diploma and TQUK Diploma Diploma Diploma issued by the Malaysian Government JPK (Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran). The above diplomas are issued by Malaysian or international certification and are absolutely recognized by most companies.
2Q: What is SKM, TQUK and CIDESCO?
A: SKM (Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia) is a national accreditation certificate issued by the Malaysian government. The trainees with this SKM certificate not only show their beauty practice ability, but also have the excellent strength to be competent for work and perform tasks. Training Qualifications UK (TQUK) is the first 10 Awarding Organization (AO) headquartered in Manchester, UK. There are more than 600 cooperation centers, universities, professional societies, training institutions and international enterprises in the world, covering more than 50 countries and regions. CIDESCO (Santiago) is a world-renowned international beauty organization, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. CIDESCO has branches in 36 countries all over the world, and its beauty diploma is the most authoritative and glorious international professional beauty Diploma in the beauty world industry.
3Q: The future of taking beauty course?
A: Beauticians have a wide range of employment directions. Besides being professional beauticians, they can also be beauty consultants, beauty instructors, cosmeticians, sales managers or self-employed, etc.
4Q: How long does the course take?
A: Three professional beauty diplomas for you in a year.
5Q: The course is expensive. What can I do if I can't afford it?
A: We offer to apply for PTPK government loan.
6Q: What are the conditions for applying for government loans? Is there a minimum age requirement?
A: As long as you are between 16 and 35 years old, and you must be a citizen of Malaysia. You can apply for a government loan if you want to obtain a technical diploma from Malaysia.
7Q: Do you have installments?
A: Yes, terms and conditions apply.
8Q: After completing the course, are we sure we can find a job?
A: We have connections with many beauty parlors. If there are any vacancies, we will arrange interviews for our trainees.
9Q: After I sign up, do I need to buy any additional products?
A: Beauty products are included in the course and there's no need to purchase any products.
10Q: Are there any hidden costs?
A: No hidden costs. All you need to pay is course fees, registration fees, tools and examination fees.
11Q: Can I use my own product? Or other brand products?
A: Our syllabus norms are based on the education system, so students must use the same product to learn. This is to make it easier for students to learn.
12Q: Is there a branch school?
A: No.
13Q: Starting date?
A: Please pay attention to the BSA website, Facebook or contact the course consultant for the latest news.
14Q: How many students are there in a class?
In order to enable students to concentrate more on their study, they are all small-class teaching.

Japanese Eyelash Extension Q&A

1Q: What is Japanese Eyelash Extension?
A:-[0 Burden] Seamless Grafting - [1-to-1] grafting method with distinct roots - original grafting method - [Japanese Delicacy] People-oriented Service Concept
2Q: How many days it takes for this course?
A: Two days for the basic class and two days for the advanced research class.
3Q: What if I can't learn it in the two-day course?
A: Trainees are welcome to come back for review if there is a class next time.
4Q: What does the basic class learn? What does the advanced research class learn?
A: Basic class teaches theory and single-rooted grafting skills, advanced research class teaches 3D6D9D blossom and encryption method, as well as flashing colorful pop type.
5Q: What is encryption?
A: Eyelashes look thicker.
6Q: What is the colorful pop type?
A: Single or mixed colors.
7Q: What's the differences between Korean and Japanese Eyelash Extension?
A: Korean style emphasizes thickness while Japanese style emphasizes natural.
8Q: Do BSA provide product tools?
A: Yes.
9Q: After enrolling in basic classes, will there be any discount for enrolling in advanced research classes?
A: We will suggest to enroll in basic and advanced courses together because it is more cost-effective.
10Q: Do I have to pay the tuition fee all together at once?
A: You can make a deposit first. The rest must be paid before class.
11Q: Will there be any additional fees after the tuition fee is given?
A: No, our tuition fee has covered all the products, enough for class practice.
12Q: If the product is used up, can we buy it from the college?
A: Yes.
13Q: Is there a student price for the product?
A: Because our products are only sold to students, the price is already the price of students.
14Q: How many students are there in a class?
A: We are all small classes, because the teacher has more requirements on teaching, so the teacher also hopes that the number of students is the amount they can focus on.
15Q: I'm afraid there are too many students. What can I do if I can't learn?
A: Don't worry, we all teach in small classes, and we also provide free back-to-back training, we will help you and teachers build a Wechat group, which allow teachers and students communicate in the group.
16Q: Can people with small eyes do this eyelash extension?
A: Teachers will teach you different styles of grafting for different eye types, such as cute, luxurious and charming.
17Q: Do you provide grafting services?
A: We only provide teaching, not service.
18Q: Does a single graft look dense?
A: Single grafting makes the eyes look more natural and invigorating.
19Q: What if it's thick?
A: If you want, you will learn encryption and flowering skills in the advanced research classes.
20Q: Is the flowering technique the same as the camellia flower outside?
A: Different. What the teacher teaches you is intelligent flowering technology. It teaches you how to use a single eyelash to make flowering effect, instead of directly grafting it with a single eyelash.
21Q: Are there real people practicing while studying?
A: Yes, students need to bring their own models.
22Q: Is the teacher experienced?
A: Teachers studied abroad and learn this technology in Japan. Teachers also provide teaching and service in Japan, so they have rich experience and they will teach students all the skills they have learned all their lives.
23Q: Will there be a certificate after the course is completed?
A: Yes.
24Q: What is traceless grafting?
A: No visible glue marks.

Facial Carving Course Q&A

1Q: What is facial sculpture?
A: Using pure manipulation to penetrate deep fascia and periosteum to activate deep muscles and fascia, and to effectively dredge fascial nodules, so that local tissue blood circulation, accelerating metabolism and stimulating collagen production can achieve a certain effect.
2Q: What is the effect of this facial sculpture?
A: It can make our big face smaller in an instant, reduce our shoulders, lengthen the neck edge, remove neck lines, accelerate blood circulation and metabolism, and make our face white, remove acne, tighten the skin, and make our blood red so as to achieve anti-aging growth.
3Q: How many days is the course?
A: 2 days.
4Q: Class duration?
A: 9am - 9pm.
5Q: How long will it take to see the effect?
A: You can see the effect immediately.
6Q: How long can it last at a time?
A: It varies from person to person, because everyone's age is different. Skin will become more and more slacked with age.
7Q: After completing the two-day course, are there any reviews?
A: No.
8Q: Are there any exercises in class?
A: Yes, you can practice with your classmates.
9Q: Can I enroll in the general course directly?
A: Actually, I would recommend that you take our "Face Carving" course first, because the tuition fee is not expensive and worthwhile. The most important thing is that you can understand the teacher's methods in these two days, then you can decide whether this is what you want or not.
10Q: I can't attend this class. When is the next class meeting?
A: We'll announce the time as soon as we arranged with the teacher.
11Q: Will the next tuition be the same as this one?
A: Uncertainty, tuition fees may be adjusted. It is suggested that you register first and keep it until the next class.
12Q: Without the foundation of cosmetology, can I learn?
A: Don't worry! Our teacher's teaching is theoretical and practical, plus students'guidance to the training and teachers. Our trainees are accountants, secretaries, nurses, salesmen and other industries to learn this technology. So far, there are no students who can't learn.
13Q: Do I need any appliance, products?
A: We use pure techniques. We don't need appliances, products or needles to move knives. No filling, safe, painless, no recovery period.
14Q: How old can I start doing?
A: No age limit, the younger the better the effect.
15Q: Will it be difficult to learn?
A: All of our previous students have learned that although the teacher has made teaching the most concise, the effect is not discounted (quite good).