BSA Essential Oil And Aromatherapy

Nowadays, wellness and beauty are almost inseparable. BSA Essential Oil and Aromatherapy aims to produce a physical, spiritual and mental sense of well-being. It is an intensely comforting and reassuring healing therapy which has become tremendously popular. It is relaxing, stimulating, and invigorating the mind and body, a key to unlock the secrets of health and wellness, enhancing the quality of life. It is not just science, it is also an art of beauty, an attitude towards life. Discover and take on BSA Essential Oil and Aromatherapy training course with us, awaken the powerful sense within you and your customers.

Elementrary: BSA Essential Oil Utilization

Course Duration: 4 Hours
  • The Magic of Scent
  • Basic Theoretical Concept
  • Cellular Respiration Therapy
  • Rhythm of Head Cellular Treatment
  • Rhythm of Chest Breathing
  • Rhythm of Gastrointestinal Function
  • Rhythm of Body Surface Purification

Intermediate: BSA Secrets Of Woman

Course Duration: 8 Hours
  • Sensual Aromatherapy
  • Daily Home Essential Oil Application
  • Rhythm of Facial Cells
  • Rhythm of Thoracic Cells
  • Facial and Uterine Care
  • Slimming, Anti-aging and Detoxification
  • Rhythm of Arterial and Venous Cells

Advanced: BSA Essential Oil And Aromatherapy Treatment

Course Duration: 14 Hours
  • Genealogy of Whole Plant Essential Oil
  • Autonomic Nervous System
  • Limbic System
  • Cellular Nutrition
  • Essential Oils for 10 Body Systems
  • Aromatic Conditioning Technique
  • DNA Cell Repair
  • Healthy Measures for Essential Oil Utilization

BSA Rehabilitation Physiotherapist

BSA Rehabilitation Physiotherapy training course gathers all the magic of essential oil and its aroma, instantaneously changing the energy and atmospheric surroundings. Vitality increases as the circulatory and respiratory systems open to provide fresh oxygen and vital energy, with the unforgettable aroma entangled in your mind and body. When considering a career in rehabilitation physiotherapy, BSA training courses are currently the most authoritative nationwide, and is designed for professionals of different levels. Beside, it is considered the most economical and practical among others.

BSA Emotional Energy Management

Course Duration: 8 Hours

By using the aroma to affect emotions, it brings powerful interaction between emotions and the body. Human emotions are always affected by the limbic system, and aroma can affect the limbic system.

From the professional classification of aroma, botanical name, chemical structure, essential oil curative effect; we are able to learn to how to touch the secret garden of human psychology through smell sensory and how it affects the physiology. Feel the spiritual level with aromatherapy. Restore balance and health to our body, mind and spirit.

Essential Oil Handmade Soap Workshop Course

Course Duration: 8 Hours

Natural essential oil handmade soap has many advantages. Not just it is able to clean us, the glycerin can moisturize our skin, and because of its natural ingredients, it will not cause any burden, irritation and allergies to the skin for a long time, and the skin will be healthier. Handmade soap is made of 100% natural vegetable oil, the ingredients are mild, the foam is rich and delicate, and it is safe to use and free from harmful chemicals.