BSA Barehanded Reconstructive Therapy

Bare-handed reconstructive therapy is based on traditional Chinese therapy, anatomy and biomechanics. It can effectively eliminate vasospasm, accelerate swelling absorption and strengthen local circulation by means of various bare-handed techniques, according to muscle orientation, skeletal positioning, facial holographic reflex, lymphatic detoxification, tendon repair, combined with the comprehensive application of many disciplines such as body art aesthetics.

Make local temperature rise, relax tense muscles, activate relaxed muscles, quickly activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis, dredge channels of nutrition and Qi and blood, ensure nutrition supply, normal nerve regulation and hormonal balance, so as to prevent a variety of pathological changes, more efficient reversal of function and human aging, make people young and beautiful. Relying on specific techniques to reorganize, modify and reinforce deep muscles and tendons and collaterals, so as to achieve rapid and lasting effect of changing face shape and body shape.

Reconstructive Facial Carving Course

Our facial contour gradually gets out of control when we grow older. Scattering and drooping, and this is why aging seems to be obvious. BSA Reconstructive Facial Carving course includes a comprehensive training of whitening, spots and acne correction, all designed to achieve anti-aging effect and a more confident individual.

Course Outline:

  • Instant V shape face
  • Facial correction
  • Whitening skin, remove spots & acne
  • Achieve anti aging effect

Reconstructive V-Shape Facial Care

Reconstructive V-Shape Facial Care covers everything you need to know in order for you to safely and professionally conduct a session with your customers. It helps restore facial bones back to its natural positions, creating the most symmetrical, three-dimensional melon (V-Shaped) face.

Course Outline:

  • Nasal Correction: Reshape nose bridge, narrow nose bridge, nasal hump correction, nose correction
  • Humerus Reconstruction: humeral homing, sacral arch narrowing, tear groove filling, muscle shaping
  • Chin Adjustment: Chin reconstruction, narrowing wide chin, reduce chin’s fat, V shape face
  • Facial Feature: Realign facial features, face shaping, smile shaping

Reconstructive Spinal Care

Reconstructive Spinal Care adjusts and balances shoulders and back, resulting in the improvement of a variety of sub-health diseases. A perfect balance of shoulders and back, nothing is more charming than this meaningful course.

Course Outline:

  • Treat Cervical Vertebrae: Reduction of large vertebrae, neck adjustment and tackle cervical pain
  • Shoulder Adjustment: Treat high and low shoulders, shoulers realignment and treat shoulder pain
  • Spine Adjustment: Improve scoliosis, hunchback and treat back pain
  • Lumbar Adjustment: fix lumbar pain, pelvic alignment and lumbar correction

Reconstructive Facial Wrinkle

Course Outline:

  • Bare Handed Wrinkles Remover: Remove fine lines on face area include the eyes, mouth and forehead. Remove crow’s feet
  • Skin Firming: Fix sagging eyes, dark circles, eyebags, cheek, forehead

Reconstructive Pelvic Care

BSA Reconstructive Pelvic Care is the ultimate solution for a happier life. Pelvic and public bone corrections not only change a woman's stature, but also prevent any aging symptoms after childbirth. On top of that, it is a long-term prevention and treatment of gynecological diseases, improving sexual harmony for customers to enjoy a lifetime of good health.

Course Outline:

  • Hip Shaping: Buttocks adjustments, prevent sagging and firming on glutes
  • Leg Shape Beautification: Firm leg muscles and leg alignment
  • Pelvic Adjustment: Pelvic correction, activation of pelvic muscles and pelvic alignment
  • Narrowed Pelvis: Narrowed hip bone by 5-8cm (once), closing of pubic bone by 2-3cm (once) and strengthening pelvic muscles
  • Pelvis Rejuvenation: Promote lymph circulation and blood circulation of the lower limbs, improve irregular menstruation, prevent bodily coldness, resolve uterine ptosis and anti aging

Body Posture Assessment

Course Outline:

  • Body posture assessment is an organized, systematic collection process that provides a systematic review of body health history and from head-to-toe by generating subjective or objective data. A complete physical assessment can be based on the actual needs of the client.
  • It can be a complete physical health assessment, a comprehensive assessment of the body's system, or a single assessment of a body part. Because it is not a random approach, the chances of missing important data are greatly reduced, providing customers with better and more efficient conditioning solutions to alleviate customer suffering.
  • Body posture assessment refers to the connection between the function and morphology of our body structure. For example, when some of our muscles are dysfunctional, these muscles may be elongated or shortened in shape, and the shape of the connected bones and joints will change accordingly. The body posture assessment is to capture these morphological changes to infer the specific situation of dysfunction, and provide relevant and effective data to know where the cause is and symptomatic treatment.

Rapid Waist Slimming

Course Outline:

  • Abdomen Beautification: Reduce stomach cramps, improve digestive flatulence, acid reflux and treat gastroparesis. Fix diastasis recti
  • Waist Shaping: Shrink waistline, waist curvature adjustment, S curve shaping

Reconstructive Back And Shoulder Care

BSA Reconstructive Back and Shoulder Care adjusts and balances shoulders and back, resulting in the improvement of a variety of sub-health diseases. A Perfect balance of shoulders and back, nothing is more charming than this meaningful course.

Course Outline:

  • Neck Hump: Improve rounded shoulders and hunchbacks. Erect neck posture and relief neck discomforts
  • Shoulder Adjustment: Improve back pain and flank pain. Improve shoulder’s alignment
  • Thoracic Detoxification: Effectively clears back lymph, clear pores on the back and powerful detoxification of the body

Reconstructive Breast Care

Course Outline:

  • Chest Beautifying: Improve bust size and imbalance sizes
  • Breast Shaping: Improve texture, prevent sagging and indesirable breast expansion
  • Anti Aging: Prevent ductal hyperplasia and reduce breast lumps
  • Breast Enhancement: promotes the chest lymph circulation and blood circulation so aging can be delayed