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Beauty Skills Academy

Established in 2006 in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Beauty Skills Academy (BSA) is Malaysia’s prestigious and professional beauty academy, providing comprehensive beauty practice development and procedural training programs to the highest standard of excellence. In 2017, BSA invested substantially in the high quality classroom and equipment to create a holistic and comprehensive training environment and facility.

Beauty Skills Academy

“Your Journey to a Value-filled Success”

With the deep-rooted business philosophy of “Integrity”, “Professionalism” and “Responsibility”, as well as the mission to cultivate top talents in the beauty industry, BSA strives to provide modern and full-fledged professional trainings and teachings. This is to keep up with the rapidly expanding beauty profession domestically and globally.

BSA will continue to hold its philosophy by heart, steadily expand and provide flexible solutions and first-class education for self-motivated students, in order to nurture beauty professionals, and become the leading force in wellness and beauty industry. Be with us in this journey through our finest education in your pursuit of happiness and career success.

5 points why should choose Beauty Skills Academy?

JPK Certified 4-Star Beauty Academy
Guarantee of Job Opportunities
Tuition fee can get from PTPK loan
Value RM1,920 for "Breakthrough Course in Actual Workplace"
Sign-up: Free "Bare Handed Reconstructive Therapy Course" Value RM9,800


Our Benefits

  • Senior tutors
  • High passing rate
  • International Certification Diploma
  • Always in tune with international standards
  • Variety of courses are available
  • Adopt the latest teaching outline and effective teaching method
  • Courses are taught in Chinese language
  • Field learning activities
  • Professional counseling
  • On-the-job training & job guarantee
  • Accommodation for outstation students
  • PTPK government loan
  • installment plan
  • 0% interest rate payment
  • Various discount courses are available
  • Graduates enjoy career and entrepreneurial counseling